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“Green” Period Panties Are Vital In Helping Shake ‘Shame’

September 26, 2016Posted by Linda Hernandez

Women are brought up not to talk about menstruation. Period….

Editorial: How 9/11 Inspired a Team of Journalists to Report on Hope

September 9, 2016Posted by Helaina Hovitz

The horrific impact of the 9/11 attacks will never be…

Poetry Helps Alzheimer’s & Dementia Patients Unlock “Mind’s Eye”

August 31, 2016Posted by Linda Hernandez

Anyone who’s ever had a loved one suffer from Alzheimer’s…

“Purpose Hotel” Dreams Big With Charitable Overnight Stays

August 16, 2016Posted by Helaina Hovitz

Editorial: If you’re reading this, you may or may not already…

How a Sustainable Business Model in Rural Uganda Translates on Streets of Dallas

June 15, 2016Posted by Wendy Joan Biddlecombe

Although circumstances might differ, women across the world struggle with…

Pink Yarn Unites Community by Unraveling “Labels”

June 9, 2016Posted by Linda Hernandez

UNITY Interactive Art Ties Community Together from Headlines for the…

Woman Grants Children’s Wishes for “Needs” Instead of “Wants”

June 3, 2016Posted by Helaina Hovitz

When we think of children with illnesses who receive wishes,…

Millions of Kids Plagued by Darkness Find $5 Light

May 23, 2016Posted by Helaina Hovitz

As a child, Jacqueline Gallardo struggled to study by candlelight…

It’s Like ‘Habitat for Humanity’ But Funded by Backpacks on Kickstarter

May 9, 2016Posted by Terry Turner

Just hours before the earthquake in Ecuador hit, this duo…

#Goals: ‘Sensory’ Playground Designed For (And By) Kids With Special Needs Debuts in July

May 5, 2016Posted by Helaina Hovitz

Phelps Sprinkle’s full-time job is being parent to a 13-year-old daughter with…

$11M Moving Company Saves Women in Danger By Giving Services Away Every Day

April 26, 2016Posted by Helaina Hovitz

Aaron and Evan Steed were just a couple of football-playing,…

This Famous CEO Is “Growing People” In His Greenhouse

April 21, 2016Posted by Helaina Hovitz

In the U.S. alone, 80% of developmentally disabled adults are…

All-Star Saves Orphanage, Then Builds Greenhouse To Feed Them

January 28, 2016Posted by Linda Hernandez

When an orphanage full of babies and volunteer caregivers found…