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Solar Suitcases Pack Brighter Futures for Kids In U.S. & Africa

January 31, 2017Posted by Terry Turner

California school kids are sharpening their tech skills while helping…


Watch Drones Deliver Blood, Supplies & Medication Overseas

December 12, 2016Posted by Terry Turner

With the help of United Nations, flying robots are delivering…


Gas Leak Fuels Los Angeles’s Drive Toward 100% Renewable Energy

October 21, 2016Posted by Terry Turner

Los Angeles, a town driven largely by car culture, officially…


“Shoes That Grow” Protect Children From Disease

October 5, 2016Posted by Terry Turner

For more than two billion people in the world, shoes…


“Unadoptable” Senior Dogs Spend Happy Final Years In “Pet Retirement Home”

September 22, 2016Posted by Terry Turner

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks,…


Pint-Sized “Cafeteria Rangers” Take Giant Bite Out Of Trash

September 14, 2016Posted by Terry Turner

Once upon a time, New York schools sent 860,000 styrofoam…

Earth from Space

Meet The Technology Tackling Poverty From Space

September 8, 2016Posted by Terry Turner

Since 1990, extreme poverty has been cut in half worldwide….


Picture This: High-Tech Wheelchair Moves by Reading Your Mind

September 1, 2016Posted by Terry Turner

Full smile, half-smile, duck face, tongue out, and puffy cheeks…


Mega Bite: This Wearable “Force Field” Wards Off Sharks

August 25, 2016Posted by Terry Turner

Thanks to a new invention, the best way to avoid…


Floating Food Forest Finds Legal Loophole To Deliver Free Produce

August 22, 2016Posted by Terry Turner

America has experienced a bumper crop of urban farms in…

Urban Farms Vertical Racks

Why Industrial Cities Are Growing Fresh Produce on “Beds”

August 10, 2016Posted by Terry Turner

Some of the best farmland in America is cropping up…

Ricochet 3

“SURFice” Dog Helps People Heal While Catching Waves

July 26, 2016Posted by Terry Turner

Trained to be a service dog from the time she…

Group 1

100 Lives Matter: Changing Ethiopia’s Future, One Girl at a Time

July 25, 2016Posted by Terry Turner

When Tamara Horton traveled to Ethiopia to adopt her son,…

Kensani School Classroom Site 2

Surprising “Green” Solution to School Shortage Literally Ships Into U.S.

July 18, 2016Posted by Terry Turner

In developing countries and even struggling neighborhoods here in the…

26.11.13 Liberia, Mary's Meals. St Raphael School which is in a village only accessable by boat. Victoria, Prince, Sunday Boy and Quinna aged 7 enjoying their food.

1 Million Children Are Fed From This Tiny Shed Every Day

July 6, 2016Posted by Terry Turner

As southern Africa struggles through the dark days of one…