Get On The Floor! Take This 90 Sec. Challenge To Help Veterans With Housing And Health Care

May 2, 2016Posted by Terry Turner

Listen up: it seriously doesn’t matter how many push-ups you can do. Just one pump of the elbows could help give hundreds of veterans in need a push in the right direction.

The second annual “Pushups for Charity” challenge, initiated by the nonprofit Boot Campaign, encourages everyone to take part in competitions and individual challenges to see how many push-ups can be fit into in 90 seconds, donating a dollar for every complete up-and-down.

“People surprise themselves with how many push-ups they do and when they get up from 90 seconds they truly feel like they’ve done more than say, ‘Thank you’,” said Boot Campaign COO, retired Marine Staff Sergeant Johnny ‘Joey’ Jones.

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The idea is to give civilians a taste of military fitness tests, while you support the financial and medical fitness of those who’ve served.

The effort officially gets off the ground on Armed Forces Day, May 21, giving you the chance to be a hero in just a minute and a half flat.

Click here to join a team, start your own team, or fundraise as an individual.

The Boot Campaign hopes to raise one million dollars through this year’s challenge, enough would money to give individual grants to 500 veterans, service members, or their families to pay for housing, education, and medical treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

An estimated 22% of Iraq and Afghanistan combat veterans are believed to have TBI, and PTS affects as many as 11% of those who’ve served in Iraq and Afghanistan and 31% of Vietnam veterans. The campaign provides grants for veterans of all conflicts going back through World War II.

The organization’s programs are designed to fill the gap our military and veterans have when transitioning back home from a deployment or into civilian life. Pushups For Charity is a big part of funding those vitally important programs such as housing, brain treatment, education and career as well as family support.

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This particular challenge runs through Veterans Day (November 11). Last year, competitions were held in 200 locations around the U.S.

“When I returned home from Afghanistan my life was completely different. I had a son I’d barely met, my family was falling apart and half my body was gone,” said Jones. “It took an organization like Boot Campaign to show me people do care and they are thankful for what we went through.”

What will you push for?

Additional reporting by Helaina Hovitz, Photos courtesy of  The Boot Campaign. 

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