Mega Bite: This Wearable “Force Field” Wards Off Sharks

Beach Patrol: Rescue Org Saves Over 1,000 Abandoned Dogs in Puerto Rico

Amy Winehouse Foundation Fills Sobriety Support Gap For Young Women in UK

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100 Lives Matter: Changing Ethiopia’s Future, One Girl at a Time

When Tamara Horton traveled to Ethiopia to adopt her son,…

Environment & Climate Change

Ambulance guy

New Tech Helps Emergency Vehicles Across U.S. “Go Green”

In order to power the life-saving equipment they use countless…


Children Uganda CC Dylan Walters

Solar Powers Vital Oxygen For Children in Uganda

When Dr. Michael Hawkes traveled to Uganda to help treat…



“Purpose Hotel” Dreams Big With Charitable Overnight Stays

Editorial: If you’re reading this, you may or may not already…

Poverty & Hunger

26.11.13 Liberia, Mary's Meals. St Raphael School which is in a village only accessable by boat. Victoria, Prince, Sunday Boy and Quinna aged 7 enjoying their food.

1 Million Children Are Fed From This Tiny Shed Every Day

As southern Africa struggles through the dark days of one…

Science & Technology

Africa Drinking Water Photo Credit Gary Edenfield CC

Making Waves: Tourists Deliver Tiny Clean-Water Devices Overseas

When 700 million people worldwide are in need of clean…



Floating Food Forest Finds Legal Loophole To Deliver Free Produce

America has experienced a bumper crop of urban farms in…

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Rescue Dogs Bring Home Visits to Pet-Loving Seniors

This program that pairs therapy dogs with homebound elderly is…